UC Berkeley Marriage Proposal Photos – Adrian and Tala

April 19, 2014
UC Berkeley

Adrian held his marriage proposal to Tala at UC Berkeley with the help of a handful of their friends to help write out in giant words “Tala Marry Me” written on the campus lawn. Adrian put a lot of thought into this proposal, reserving the clock tower after hours in order to have the place all to themselves. He even asked me do a simple recording on my phone which I creatively taped to a tripod while I took photos. Tala was caught completely off guard, and fully appreciated Adrian’s care into this romantic gesture. Shortly after being proposed to, she made a call to her family to tell them of the good news…though they were a bit impatient as Tala’s sister texted Tala’s phone to check in even before Adrian even proposed! Fortunately, the phone was in her pocket and she didn’t check it before the big surprise! With Adrian down on his knee, Tala was so focused on him she was unaware of what was going on ten stories below on the ground floor, as he had to point out the giant words written in the grass. I have heard of people flying airplanes to propose but this was a first for me taking over the campus lawn to help display their message 🙂

After some emotional embraces on the ground level meeting up with all their friends, Adrian and Tala celebrated with a picnic setup and a bottle of champagne. Having met during their stay at Berkeley and spending many hours on campus together, it was the perfect ending to finalize their courtship together and I was so honored to be there to help capture their special day.

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