UC Berkeley Marriage Proposal Photographer – James and Vivian

September 30, 2017
UC Berkeley

James met Vivian while attending UC Berkeley, so it made total sense to have his marriage proposal on the campus, in front of the building they spent many hours studying / flirting / cramming late at night. It is always much more special to photograph couples at meaningful locations, and Vivian’s reaction proved that she agreed! James was so confident in Vivian’s response that he even packed a dress for her to change in after the proposal, so they could take some more couples portraits around the area! Though he chose the early evening intentionally for traffic and schedule purposes, it was cute to see passers-bye offer their congratulations…perhaps giving them ideas for their own marriage proposals! πŸ™‚ 

​I have only been on the UC Berkeley campus a couple of times, but, oddly enough, both were for marriage proposals! Meeting your eventual spouse in college nowadays seems so uncommon since everyone meets online, so it. is nice to hear of people meeting the old fashioned way πŸ™‚ 

​The University Library held a special place in their relationship, so we happily spent the entire shoot in and around the area. I always welcome shooting at a new location since it allows me to shoot without any expectations and approach it with an open mind…and it’s 10x better when that new location is vital to the couple’s story.

After going over the images it dawned on me – everyone likes the the sun in their photos but never consider including the moon haha πŸ˜›

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