Lovers Lane in the Presidio Marriage Proposal – Rishi and Natasha

May 9, 2015
Lovers Lane

Rishi held his marriage proposal to Natasha at Lover’s Lane in San Francisco, wanting an isolated yet scenic backdrop for his special moment. It was the first time either of them have been to Lover’s Lane so it as a nice reason for Rishi to bring Natasha down here so they can explore the unfamiliar area together. Lover’s Lane is known for its snake-like path amongst the trees, so I happily shot a wider shot during his proposal to bring more attention to the setting. Natasha’s emotive personalty was perfect for the camera as she uninhibitedly expressed her emotions and was obviously taken by surprise. Her smile can light up an entire room and we were lucky to have the entire place to ourselves to bring sole focus to this awesome moment and reaction.

After the emotions settled down, Rishi capped off this surprise by reading one of his first hand-written letters to Natasha where he admitted he was falling for her years ago. It was a super cute moment where he gained even more brownie points in the romance department ๐Ÿ™‚

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