Lands End Musician Marriage Proposal Photos – Eric and Natalie

May 11, 2018
Lands End

Eric surprised Natalie with a marriage proposal at Lands End, complete with a guitarist and a celebratory bottle of champagne for the sunset shoot, to prove that romance is definitely not dead 🙂

Before they arrived, myself and Rob Sharyon, a full-time musician, were talking about business and careers in general and I always say being a full-time musician is much harder than being a full time photographer. As we were talking, he started playing out of the blue and then I realized Eric and Natalie just arrived! 🙂

Rob played, serenading the couple as Eric got down on his knee to say his magic words. In complete shock, Natalie was very expressive and a little embarrassed, having this done in a public place with a dozen or so people walking past us. This initial feeling quickly made way for utter joy, as Natalie was smiling ear to ear for seemingly every photo afterwards!

Whenever a musician is hired for a marriage proposal, I love incorporating them in the photos since they are a part of the story. I try to get a mixture of shots with and without them to give a little variety to the Couple but the ones with them are always my favorite since they add to the moment and surprise. To this today, I have done a little over 120 marriage proposals and only a handful of them have included musicians. Having someone sing your favorite song is a great gesture, and having someone photograph this special moment is even better! 😉

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