Lands End Labyrinth Morning Marriage Proposal Photos – Eric and Kyra

December 18, 2017
Land’s End Labyrinth

Eric held his marriage proposal to Kyra at the Land’s End Labyrinth in San Francisco, opting for a morning time marriage proposal in order to avoid the crowds. They were on vacation from Cleveland and Eric used the scenario of taking a hike to see the Golden Gate Bridge to throw his girlfriend off, and as you can see, Kyra had a wonderful reaction crying and laughing with joy, proving how well of a job Eric did in hiding his real reason for the morning hike.

‚ÄčLand’s End Labyrinth is becoming of a more and more popular place to propose recently because of its isolation from crowds, as well as providing a nice excuse to get together outdoors and to enjoy the ocean view that is unique to a coastal city like San Francisco. After spending some time around the Labyrinth, we ventured down to the near by beach, where the stacked rocks always provide a nice change of scenery to an expected beach setting. Congratulations Eric and Kyra!

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