Japanese Tea Garden Marriage Proposal Photos – Bijan and Sarah

July 30, 2018
Japanese Tea Garden

Bijan held his marriage proposal to Sarah at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, renting it out after hours in order to have the place all to themselves. Bijan sent me several photos of what he envisioned as the backdrop, showcasing the popular circular bridge the Garden is known for, and I was more than happy to give him the same images for his big day. He made it so much easier for me by ensuring that no one would be around during his proposal it was a little too easy 🙂

Knowing his soon to be fiance was not into crowds, Bijan provided the perfect backdrop for their intimate moment which allowed Sarah to fully embrace the moment and express herself naturally which resulted in some awesome emotions and images. Having free reign around the entire Garden, we were able to explore the area around the central lake, as well as explore a “hidden” bamboo forest right at the entrance that not many people know about. It was a new experience for me having someone rent out the garden which I previously didn’t know you could, which provides me some good information for future couples interested in having the whole place to themselves!

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