Fort Point San Francisco Marriage Proposal Photos ​- Thomas and Meghan

November 19, 2016
Fort Point

Thomas held his marriage proposal to Meghan at Fort Point in San Francisco, wanting the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in their photos as they were visiting from Tennessee. When Thomas asked me for suggestions on locations, I gave him a handful of locations and was pleasantly surprised when he chose Fort Point for his proposal since it is a fairly uncommon choice! Fort Point being a historical landmark, they are a little more strict than other locations when it comes to photography (no tripods or light stands allowed FYI), but happily allow any and everyone to visit and enjoy this old fort on the weekends without a fee. Shortly after proposing, the two park rangers present giddily congratulated them and even gave them souvenir maps to help commemorate the day 🙂

Meghan’s reaction was easily the most memorable I have seen, as she displayed the big three responses – crying, laughing, and jumping up and down – so you know it was a huge success on Thomas’s part in surprising her and catching her completely off-guard! While on vacation and sightseeing on an overcast and foggy afternoon, Meghan requested photos taken of her taken at the distance since she wasn’t wearing any makeup, which I happily obliged since Fort Point has a unique vantage point of the Golden Gate Bridge that makes Fort Point so special. Hopefully these images help give you a little insight into this less popular Golden Gate Bridge view location!

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