China Beach Marriage Proposal Photos – Kevin and Jenny

August 11, 2018
China Beach

Kevin held his marriage proposal to Jenny at China Beach, hoping to have a scenic area to themselves for his big moment. He was torn between this location and Baker Beach but decided on this location because of its general seclusion and hidden nature. Unfortunately, it was also Outside Lands weekend which resulted in China Beach having the most people I have ever seen at this uncommon beach. Instead of an empty beach, we were greeted with several dozen people enjoying the sunny afternoon. Despite the crowded beach, we were lucky with an isolated corner of the beach where Kevin got his wish with an empty proposal photo 🙂

Hiding in surprise, Kevin had a dozen of her friends ready to congratulate and surprise her. As an added bonus, Jenny’s best friend flew in from Hong Kong and completely broke Jenny down in joy and disbelief. It was a touching moment for the two girls and was so great to witness. It was actually the second marriage proposal of the day for me as I came directly from Matthew and Mari’s marriage proposal that morning…and for some reason or another these two proposals had large groups of people ready to help celebrate! Not that I’m complaining 😀 

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