Battery Spencer Marin Headlands Marriage Proposal – Mike and Kya

December 11, 2016
Battery Spencer, Marin Headlands

Mike planned his marriage proposal to Kya at Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands while visiting from Texas. He wanted to show the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in the background but they were “blessed” with a typical San Francisco foggy and overcast winter day. Because of this, the tourist crowds were fewer in number for a Christmas-time weekday, which provided Mike and Kya the rare isolated Golden Gate Bridge photo that he wanted when choosing this location. Perhaps foreshadowing the event, Kya was already dressed in a white jacket, seemingly ready to walk down the aisle already! 🙂

It is a fun challenge for me to isolate my couples in a rather busy area, and walking around Battery Spencer allowed us to avoid other people and cameras somewhat easily. Often times, I will try to incorporate existing elements into photos, whether that is a person or a bird in the air, but this time it was fun to just keep it simple and isolate them. The gray skies helped draw more focus to the red of the Golden Gate Bridge, which I’m sure Mike and Kya appreciated in hindsight, despite the cold temperatures and the lack of a sunset look. Though Kya’s flushed cheeks weren’t as red as the Bridge, I’m hoping these photographs help her remember this special moment for years to come!

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