Overcast Baker Beach San Francisco Marriage Proposal Photographer ​- Nick and Lexie

June 1, 2019
Baker Beach

Nick held his marriage proposal to Lexie at Baker Beach on a foggy June summer morning in San Francisco, escaping the heat of Bakersfield for the weekend. With the original intent of proposing on the beach, Nick called an audible and chose the For side of Baker Beach instead of the beach side, opting for the quiet and solitude of this area since there were dozens of people surprisingly enjoying this cold morning at the beach. Almost as soon as he reached into his jacket pocket, Lexie reacted by covering her mouth in excitement and anticipation, and you can tell that she was ready for it! And when Nick eventually got down on his knee, her joyous tears came down her face as she emotionally said the easiest answer in her life – yes! It was one of the best reactions to a marriage proposal I have seen in quite a while and the anticipation of this moment seemed to overcome them both with nonstop laughter and smiles from ear to ear. In our conversation beforehand, Nick had mentioned he unknowingly fake proposed (aka he unassumingly got down on his knee to tie his shoe at Disneyland) a few years ago and Lexie got angry at him. After the initial excitement and response calmed down at Baker Beach, Lexie revealed to me the same exact story and that her first words out of her mouth as he reached into his jacket were “You better not do Disneyland again!” Fortunately, this was the real deal and I was lucky to have been there to witness this special moment 😀

Being that they were high school sweethearts, Lexie had anticipated this day for a while and had a feeling Nick would propose around her recent graduation a week ago. Not wanting to contend and draw attention away from her big moment, he chose this weekend trip to San Francisco to propose as a disguise for a trip to celebrate Lexie’s recent graduation. It was amazing to hear of the long list of people who knew of the surprise, including the local clothing store clerk that suggested a new puffy jacket for Nick to hide the engagement ring box! Everyone did their part in keeping the secret a secret and allowing Lexie and Nick to fully appreciate the surprise all to themselves. 

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